Unzipping FAQ

     .zip is a file format for compressing files for easy storage and downloading. All photosets on our sites have the images saved in a zip format for your downloading convenience. Because our photosets are so large and the resolution of the images is so high the zip files makes downloading entire photosets much faster. At the bottom of each page in a photoset is a link to download a zip file. This zip file contains all images on that page only. If you want an entire photoset, you need to download the zip file from each page of the photoset.

     Zips are easy to use once you try them. If you have not used them before, now is your chance to learn about a really cool software and increase your knowledge of the internet. Follow the simple instructions below for easy downloading of mutliple images.

STEP 1: (Skip this step if you have an unziping program already installed) If you don;t already have an unziping program on your computer you need to get one. There are many many different programs you can use. The cost will differ with each, for our purposes we are only going to highlight the shareware versions you can download for free.
Please see the sites listed below for downloading instrucations and instalation of their software.

  1. Winzip
  2. Winrar
  3. Stuffit Expander

STEP 2: Find the images you want. Go to the photoset on the site and select the zip file you want to download.

Once you click the zip link you will get a pop up window where you will select "Save".

You will now see a "Save as" pop up box. Select the location on your computer where you want this document to be saved and Click "Save".

The file will now begin downloading.

Once download is complete select "open" from the pop up box.

Winzip will now open and you will need to click "I Agree"

You will now see all this image file names in Winzip. Select "Extract" to save the individual image files to your computer.

Select where on your computer you want to save the images and select "Extract".

The images have now been saved to you computer and you can use your image viewing porgram to enjoy them.

If you have any questions further please email us at support@bfcollection.com .